Security and cyber

MyTnet provides a variety of solutions in cyber and information security. We have a wide toolbox to cope with the increase in virus attacks including ransom, spam, phishing and DDOS.

In order to protect your organization in the most optimal way, we need to analyze and understand a whole range of factors that could be an attack surface for hackers and malware.

Our experts will guide you during the review and policy process for your organization:

  • Review of information security threats in the business both corporate and external.
  • Manage computer and user policies in the organization.
  • Filtering unwanted or security risky sites.
  • Secure communication between branches IPSEC \ IPVPN.
  • Monitoring the Internet link for viruses and malware.
  • Monitoring workstations to prevent information leakage (DLP).
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Other recommended solutions:

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