About us

MyTnet was founded in 2014 by Ittai Alon and Dan Gery.

 Working together for many years in the US, the two realized that the experience and knowledge they acquired could also be applied for companies in Israel. 

MyTnet provides customers with a suite of technology solutions, encompassing all communication and computing issues in the business. By doing this, MyTnet allows its clients to focus on promoting their core business and enjoy a quietness in the IT field of their business.

How it works

Step 1: Requirements analysis – Collecting and analyzing the current setup of communication, computing and information security.

Step 2: Forming recommendations – Providing recommendations for improving the current system, looking-forward and with budgetary constraints in mind.

Step 3: Implementation and support – Implementation of the plan with personal technological support.


We are committed to provide high quality and professional service that will lead to the growth of your business and save you time and cost


Cloud servers

Virtual servers (VDS) on advanced infrastructure and global deployment


Cloud VoIP PBX,
call centers
and international calls

Security and cyber

Set of solutions dealing with cyber threats: ransom, spam, phishing DDOS attacks and more

Cloud backup

A variety of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions

Professional services

Our experts are available to assist with any malfunction, both remotely and on-site

Smart Office

Integration and management of smart office control systems

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