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MyTnet provides cloud PBX and call centers services. Whether it's a single branch or a call center with hundreds of representatives, the solution is here!

Our solutions pack includes:

  • Cloud VoIP PBX: Our PBX allows your organization to enjoy the verity of advanced features offered by call centers such as: call forwarding, conference rooms, call recording, voice mail, dial groups, receiving faxes, waiting music and more.
  • Cloud Call Center: MyTnet is a leader in Israel of cloud call center software QueueMetrics from Loway Switzerland. The software enables fully organized sales or service center management with Hebrew support, real-time screens, comprehensive reporting interface, and CRM systems integration.
  • International calls: MyTnet provides its clients with international calls of superior quality, and with direct connections to international operators. In addition, you can get a local number worldwide to receive calls.
  • Recording system: MyTnet is a leading implementer of the CallCabinet system for maintaining and retrieving cloud recordings, complying with PCI and GDPR regulations. The system interfaces with all types of PBX and allows recordings to be managed from different sites while granting permissions and setting record keep policies.
  • Auto Dialer: MyTnet specializes in the installation and integration of automatic dialing systems. The system is used to dial a large number of customers at the same time. Using the system, you can sound recordings, forward a call to a router or sales representative while monitoring response status and performing actions accordingly.
  • Development - Asterisk: MyTnet provides development for Asterisk PBX including Dialplan writing, development and integration of the Click2Dial application in PHP, integration with CRM for popup, link CRM for auditing, record files and more.
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