MyTnet for business

MyTnet offers a variety of computing and communication support packages tailored to the client's needs. The programs are especially suitable for small and medium-sized companies that do not have an IT department within the organization and allow companies to focus on their core business while also lowering costs.

The packages include the following services:

Servers management

Whether it is cloud servers or on site, we take responsibility and initiate steps to improve performance and ensure business continuity.

Cloud PBX

Proceed to the next level of business PBX on cloud that integrates: call routers, voice mail, call recording, conference rooms, queues, and more.

Information security

MyTnet provides solutions for dealing with cyber threats. We will recommend and enforce the information security policy and manage the firewall and antivirus in your organization.

Cloud backup

MyTnet provides with cloud backup for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Ongoing technical support

Our experts are available to assist with any malfunction, both remotely and on-site

Consulting and guidance

Our experts are happy to advise on any question with a wide view of the needs. We can attend meetings and accompany the project as representative of your organization until its completion.

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