Cloud servers

Virtual Dedicated Servers enable business continuity, resource allocation flexibility, and transparency in managing your business's IT budget.

The servers are stored on redundant infrastructure spreaded across several datacenters in Israel and around the world.

The service is continuously backed up and guarantees the highest uptime.

Out benefits: 

Risk reduction: Your information is the engine of your business. To prevent a situation where the data is unavailable due to a server crash, we use a clusters where the information is stored on multiple servers and storage systems at the same time.

In addition, our farms are equipped with the most advanced equipment for preventing electrical damage and fires. They include dual power feeds, backed-up cooling systems, and shutdown systems that meet all necessary standards.

Response time: Today, one of the most influential factors in Internet experience is latency, which is measured in Miliseconds. For example, the average response time for access to servers stored in the eastern US is 140ms and about 70ms for Western Europe. For comparison, servers stored in Israel can achieve 5ms or less.

Flexibility: One of the biggest benefits of the cloud today is the ability to build a tailor-made system for customer dimensions. The ability to increase or decrease the amount of resources: processing power (CPU), memory (RAM), or storage space at any given time allows for rapid growth alongside cost savings.

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